PPC Packages


PPC is one of the buzz words of web promotion industry and is an abbreviated term used in place of Pay per Click. As an effective tool for internet advertising or search engine marketing used to improve the web traffic flow to your website. Under PPC marketing, the advertisers make bids on keywords related to their target audience, and get instant publishing on the Search Engine Result Pages as per their bid competency. Through this campaign website owners have to pay a sum to the Search Engine on account of every click the website gets through the users hitting the ads. It is based on the ‘affiliate model’ under which you offer financial incentive to your affiliate site whenever it generates business. It works on ‘Pay for Performance’ basis and so makes the expense worthwhile.

  • Keywords
  • PPC Engine Monthly Reporting
  • Area of Improvement, Recommendation for Business Oriented Website
  • Geographical Targeting Advertising Strategy
  • Dedicated Campaign Manager
  • ROI Analysis
  • Minimum Monthly Budget
  • Initial set up fee (one time)
  • Monthly Service Charge
  • Minimum Charges
  300                          300
  < 10,500 CZK       >10,500 CZK
  2750.00 CZK        2750.00 CZK
  25% of Monthly     20% of Monthly
  Budget                   Budget
  2750.00 CZK        2750.00 CZK